Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Original Poem by Julie Ann Monroe, HUC, CADC,PSC


By: Julie Ann Monroe, HUC, CADC,PSC


The morning is dark and cold

The rain has turned to ice

The golden arches of McDonalds

are like a sunrise to me.

Warm coffee and Spanish music for my drive.

The hospital stands above the other buildings as a wary

beacon of sorts

it's lights are always on

someone is always home.

I tiptoe across the sidewalk and enter

the quiet warmth

The elevator hums and stops at each floor and

I pause...

Whatever my problems are I am reminded to

bring my heart into this day.

There are visitors and families in huddles as each door opens

for a brief second

I can see the grief on their faces

the worry

the wrinkled clothes from yesterday.

Their lives, like mine are suspended in a state of change.

Still, here in this place, we are all human,

there is no hierarchy for pain

there is no prize for suffering

and there is no status that serves

that is better than the human heart...

and love is the language

that I hope can jump the chasm

my eyes to your eyes quickly

before the door closes again.

Poet and Author Julie Ann Monroe has been working n healthcare for over twenty years. It is my great preasure to have worked with her for the past nine.